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Thread: Who our Ancestors were? Aryan Origin flawed

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    The immediate neighbours of Kalasha are the Chitralis, and they are virtually the same in their y-dna and adna profiles. Kalasha stand out because of their customs. However the greater Kalasha, which are the Nuristanis, who were converted in the late 19th century by Amir Abdurrehman, tend to have a distinct character, with R1a dominating, among their y-dna, but the sample I know is too small to be actually considered as truly representative of them. And their numbers are far greater than the Kalasha, at 200000+, the Nuristanis are over 50 times in population of the Chitrali Kalasha.
    During my recent visit to Pakistan, a friend from Chitral told me about the linguistic similarities between the Chitrali(Khowar & Kalasha) languages and the vedic, certain sounds which they are preserved to this day. As such,I tend to think the Kalasha and the Chitralis may have a good hint of Vedic culture as well as genetic heritage.
    A detailed investigation into Nuristanis will be very interesting I feel.
    Nuristani/Ashkun are not Indo Aryan speakers but that being said their language and culture is heavily influenced by Dardic Indo Aryans because they were classically surrounded by them , Pashais to the west and Kohistani , Kalashamondr , Kho to the west. I would say only Kalash and Pashais from my observation have maintained much of the old Indo Aryan culture IMO, esp in terms of fire rituals, purification. Pashais were only converted during the late Mughal era and have retained much of the prior culture. Nuristan/Ashkun people retained much of their prior culture well into the 1960s but the area was over run by Salafists and Taliban in the 80s and its dramatically different now. The people in the Chitral area largely look at people from Nuristan as extremely backward and "jahil". In terms of infrastructure that is true, the Chitral region has far more advanced infrastructure and I would assume upon completion of the Lowari tunnel it will facilitate more flow of trade.

    My hunch is that they will be much more R1a Z93 dominated compared to Kalash.
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