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Thread: PuntDNAL the best calculator available on GEDmatch IMO :

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    Cornwall NewYork
    SouthEast English
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b-L21 or R1b-A228
    mtDNA (M)

    United States of America

    PuntDNAL the best calculator available on GEDmatch IMO :

    Alright, sorry to belabor this point here but I will now condense everything here on why I think PuntDNAL is the best calculator on GEDmatch. It is by no means perfect as some of the calculators, if not all, might break down to innacuracy after the first 2 or 3 single population matches due to what Davidski calls "the calculator effect". This latter point probably had me waste years on this subject where I might have moved on previously. This marks the end of a journey I started like 2 or 3 years ago where I took a DNA test at ancestryDNA and it eventually claimed I am "Ulster Irish" due to its convoluted "Genetic community" technology. I am extremely skeptical of the latter. First of all AncestryDNA is run by Mormons (not Anglicans or methodists or atheists etc..) and as far as 23andme and are concerned their results are too vague, in this regard, to be useful. says I am about 99% northern European, uh, well, gee thanks bu I already basically knew that much before I already took a DNA test. So, anyway, why did I go on this journey ? I have an Irish hiberno-Norman name rather than a proper English name :

    The Irish are often more English than the English themselves it is only in Dublin you find people in velvet suits with monocles and diamond topped walking canes after all. Scotland wishes it was Ireland.

    During my journey I studied obscure ancient cultures and time periods e.g. Unetice culture, neolithic, bronze age, Iron age and read obscure texts on physical anthropemetric anthropology that is no longer in vogue etc.. etc.. all this to come to this final conclusion :

    23andme : complete crap except for raw data especially since the FDA circumscribed their bread and butter : medical reports

    AncestryDNA : complete crap except for the raw data unless you want to do non-scientific geneology etc.. etc.. it is more like facebook than anything scientific

    so on and so forth etc..

    Now I did run some test samples of ancient DNA through PuntDNAL (not exhaustive though since I know it is accurate for ME and I am not being paid to do scientific research on this subject). For instance the ancient Hinxton F999921 sample returns this result :

    untDNAL K12 Modern Oracle results:
    puntDNAL K12 Modern Oracle

    Kit F999921

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 European_HG 40.3
    2 Anatolian_NF 32.15
    3 Caucasus_HG 20.67
    4 Amerindian 3.6
    5 South_Asian 3.27

    Single Population Sharing:

    # Population (source) Distance
    1 Dutch_South 4.57
    2 Hungarian 5.5
    3 English_South 5.71
    4 Utahn_European 6.07
    5 Dutch_North 6.35

    That is obviously entirely reasonable.

    Now to my specific results. So the only good thing about is it can convert ancestrydna raw data to 23andme format for free. So my result of this (accurate to within 500 kms) :

    Frenchman Tolan's analysis via Eurogenes k36 (he claims it is accurate to within 400kms ) :

    So I have called Eurogenes K36 crap in the post so how can I use Tolan's research here ? Simple : if k36 is innaccurate for all European demographics in a scaleable consistent way then a sophisticated Frenchman can do what appears to be magic and give you accurate results.

    So k13 and K15 are supposed to be the best Eurogenes calculators depending on which part of Europe you hail from or what kind minor accretions one might have picked up in the new world so K15 is best for me (but still not as good as PuntDNAL) :

    Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 Oracle results:
    Kit A703943

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 North_Sea 35.89
    2 Atlantic 27.28
    3 Baltic 9.99
    4 Eastern_Euro 9.52
    5 West_Med 8.99
    6 West_Asian 4.7
    7 Oceanian 0.96
    8 Sub-Saharan 0.95
    9 Siberian 0.84
    10 Amerindian 0.66
    11 South_Asian 0.22

    Single Population Sharing:

    # Population (source) Distance
    1 Southeast_English 3.84
    2 Southwest_English 3.89
    3 North_Dutch 4.06
    4 Danish 4.39
    5 West_Scottish 4.47
    6 Orcadian 4.49
    7 Irish 4.52
    8 North_German 5.51
    9 Norwegian 6.72
    10 South_Dutch 7.12
    11 West_Norwegian 7.57
    12 West_German 7.86
    13 Swedish 8.21
    14 North_Swedish 10.61
    15 French 11.44
    16 East_German 12.54
    17 Southwest_Finnish 15.41
    18 Austrian 17
    19 Hungarian 17.32
    20 Finnish 18.53

    Now in terms of not breaking down to innaccuracy after the first 2 or 3 single populations I have to hand to Eurogenes here but I find it breaks down to innaccuracy at the 2 and 4 population mode and do I really need accuracy beyond 1 and 2 ? I find I do not therefore PuntDNAL is superior IMO :

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler." --Abert Einstein

    National geographic genographic :

    puntDNAL K10 Ancient Oracle results:
    puntDNAL K10 Ancient Oracle

    Kit A703943

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 WHG 46.68
    2 ENF 26.9
    3 CHG 23.53
    4 Oceanian 1.17
    5 ASI 1.17
    6 Sub-Saharan 0.39
    7 Amerindian 0.15

    Single Population Sharing:

    # Population (source) Distance
    1 Utahn_white 1.67
    2 English_South 2.63

    puntDNAL K12 Ancient 4-Ancestors Oracle
    This program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
    Questions about results should be sent to him at: [email protected]
    Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
    Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

    puntDNAL K12 Ancient Oracle

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 European_HG 42.24
    2 Anatolian_NF 34.06
    3 Caucasus_HG 18.94
    4 Near_East 1.75
    5 Oceanian 1.58

    Finished reading population data. 55 populations found.
    12 components mode.


    Least-squares method.

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 Unetice_EBA_I0117 @ 3.558241 (early Bronze age Saxony-Anholt-Thuringian Germany)
    2 Halberstadt_LBA_I0099 @ 3.891102
    3 Nordic_LN_SG_RISE97 @ 4.618601
    4 Alberstedt_LN_I0118 @ 4.726390
    5 Bell_Beaker_Germany_I1549 @ 5.593822

    puntDNAL K12 Modern Oracle results:
    puntDNAL K12 Modern Oracle

    Kit A703943

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 European_HG 42.24
    2 Anatolian_NF 34.06
    3 Caucasus_HG 18.94
    4 Near_East 1.75
    5 Oceanian 1.58
    6 South_Asian 0.99
    7 South_African_HG 0.24
    8 Beringian 0.21

    Single Population Sharing:

    # Population (source) Distance
    1 English_South 2.54
    2 Utahn_European 2.93

    Anything 5 and below you can pass as a native of that population.

    As far as national genographic the next generation is concerned it is convoluted pseudo-science in the vain of AncestryDNA :

    Bloody hell these tossers from America had me spend years to figure this all out you know what I mean , mate ?

    "In civilized societies they deceive each other in primitive societies they eat other." --quote from I can't remember

    We shouldn't be using American paradigms anyway since Americans are anti-intellectual and anti-scientific have you seen their global ranking in the PISA scores ? Pathetic !

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