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    Hello, my brothers! There aren't many of us, and it's really heartening to see you guys from all over.

    I'm proud of who we are. We're the few, rare survivors of a truly ancient people with a tragic history. While every other group has had many of their own civilizations over the millenia - our last was in Neolithic times. The first colonizers of Europe, who built Stonehenge and lived peacefully with the hunter-gatherers, were butchered by the Indo-European invaders. We've since survived in pockets among other groups.

    But we've survived, after so long. Our line lives on. There is pride in that.

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    If you are referring to Y-DNA G as a whole, it definitely has some "odd pockets." Here is YFull's haplotree for G. Notice the odd juxtapositions, perhaps indicative of scattered remnants. For example, this clade has only two members with geographical ancestry: from Belarus and Qatar. Their common ancestor lived about 3000 years ago. Their nearest common neighbor, a Saudi, shares an 8500-year-old ancestor with them. The nearest common neighbor to all three is a major clade that diverged about 18,500 years ago. That clade, in turn, branched off from the rest of G over 26,000 years ago.

    My uncle belongs to another "odd pocket," G-L660, with members in England, Poland, and Slovakia. Their nearest common neighbor is a clade found only in Saudi Arabia.

    Similarly, G-Y36001 is found only in Poland and Saudi Arabia.

    In contrast, G-Z724 has been found in Beijing.
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    Indo-Europeans had wars with the Neolithic Europeans? I though they were assimilated together and a founder effect happened as a result of marrying the Neolithic women.
    One of the very interesting things is that in some areas of Tyrol G peaks to 40%:

    In the Tirol (Tyrol) of western Austria, the percentage of G-M201 can reach 40% or more; perhaps the most famous example is the ancient remains of Ötzi the iceman..

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    Well , maybe if the plague didn't exist among the neolithic European populations ; They would have had a better survival chances against the incoming Yamnya settlers .

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