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Thread: I-2535/1953 and family finder match (please help)

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    I-2535/1953 and family finder match (please help)


    I'm from Slovenia and part of I-Z140 group.
    When I got my first results back from Familytreedna (familyfinder and Y37) I noticed that I have one 12 STR match (he is I-S12289) from UK which also apear as my match in my familyfinder (we share centimorgans: 22; longest block: 8)! I did a BIGY and found out that we are both in the same group under (I-Z140-Z2535/S1953). I'm I-A16098 he is I-S12289.


    How is this even possible? Misstake, coincidence?
    We could not share any "recent" ancestors he is from UK and I'm from Slovenia (I have some paper trail ancestors from Germany and that is all).

    Can someone please help me with this? Could we share 22 centimorgans from our ancient ancestor Z2535/S1953?

    Thank you very much!

    Great day to all!

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