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Thread: Asian/African Updates Applied to preV5 Kits

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    Asian/African Updates Applied to preV5 Kits

    Saw some pretty significant changes in my results. Mostly impacted my v3 kit.
    For the most part my South European is gone and my non European components have grown.
    The Sudanese which is the obvious outlier paints on my X chromosome so I'm pretty sure its a glitch.
    The South Chinese/Asian paints in consistent locations on both kits.
    Predominately English, Irish & German with Dutch, Swiss, French & Polish
    Y Haplogroup E-V13 ("Siegel" via Prussia), Mt Haplogroup H24a1 (via Unknown)

    GEDmatch Kits: A436029, M213836, Z169952 GEDCOM: 7950338

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