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Thread: 23andMe rolled out new Ancestry Composition estimates today

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    Northwest USA
    British & Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b>L513>A7> BY11186
    mtDNA (M)
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    23andMe rolled out new Ancestry Composition estimates today

    23andMe rolled out new Ancestry Composition estimates today. It appears to work for all chips - at least V3, V4 and V5.

    I'm extremely happy with this update. (V4 chip) My Broadly European, Scandinavian, Italian and most of my Broadly NW European moved to British&Irish, increasing it 9% to ~95%, dead on what I believe it should be. The leftovers are 1.9% F&G and 2.8% Broadly NW Europe. My Mother's V4 results (phased with me) are basically the same as mine. Spot checking eight V5 tests and two AncestryDNA uploads it looks like all of our family's tests updated. This will take some time to digest!

    Estimated ancestry after reviewing, 23&Me, FTDNA My Origins, Living DNA and known family history:
    33% English, 27% Scottish, 18% Welsh, 18% Irish, 4% German/Netherlands

    Y-DNA leads to Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands: R1b>M343>L278>L754>L389>P297>M269>L23>L51>L151/L11>P312>Z290>L21/M529>DF13>L513/DF1>S5668>A7>Z21253> S7834 > S7828 > BY11203 > BY11186 (about 320-550 years old)

    MTDNA leads to Glamorgan, South Wales: K1a4a1f

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