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Thread: Please Help! - Iranian/Persian DNA & Gedmatch Results

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    Please Help! - Iranian/Persian DNA & Gedmatch Results

    Hi guys,

    I'm quite new to ethnic genetic testing and I was wondering if you could help me out in understanding my results better

    I'm ethnically Persian, with my family originating from two quite small villages in Fars (South West of Iran). I have had tests done with AncestryDNA, 23andme and MyHeritage (Free Raw Data Upload). Unfortunately, my 23andme results have not come through yet but I will post them as soon as they do.



    Iran/Persia: 68% (Range of 68% to 100%)

    Turkey and the Caucasus: 32% (Range of 27% to 32%) ---> Weirdly on my DNA matches I was actually not able to find any people from Turkey or the Caucasus region, although many of my close matches had between 10& to 25% Turkey and Caucasus, with the rest being Iran/Persia.

    MyHeritage: West Asian: 95.8%
    Middle Eastern: 3.2%
    South Asian: 1%

    As I compared these results to other Iranians I saw the overall similarities but with slight variations within the percentages, but compared to South West Persians, overall my results seemed to be quite different in as I will provide through my GedMatch results (Used the following calculators as they seem to be the most popular, will happily post more if wanted).

    GedMatch Results:

    Eurogenes K13:

    1 West_Asian - 43.87
    2 East_Med - 23.52
    3 South_Asian - 10.43
    4 West_Med - 5.86
    5 Baltic - 5.56
    6 Red_Sea - 5.46
    7 North_Atlantic - 3.72

    Eurogenes EU Test V2 K15:

    1 West_Asian - 38.17
    2 East_Med - 26.33
    3 South_Asian - 10.72
    4 Eastern_Euro - 8.38
    5 Red_Sea - 4.76
    6 North_Sea - 3.51
    7 Atlantic - 2.53
    8 Baltic - 2.21
    9 West_Med - 1.52

    Eurogenes K36:

    Arabian 2.97
    Armenian 9.41
    Basque 0.58
    Central_Euro 1.94
    East_Balkan 1.11
    East_Central_Euro 0.84
    East_Med 13.78
    Italian 1.76
    Near_Eastern 16.85
    North_Caucasian 18.21
    South_Central_Asian 25.17
    West_Caucasian 7.39

    Harrapa World:

    1 Caucasian - 40.09
    2 Baloch - 29.08
    3 SW-Asian - 11.16
    4 NE-Euro - 6.50
    5 Mediterranean - 6.18
    6 S-Indian - 3.49
    7 E-African - 1.17

    Overall, I have noticed that my results are very similar to most Iranians that I have compared it to. Similarities are present through the highest percentages of West Asia/Caucuses and the average amount of South Asian that Iranians get (I understand that this admixture has been present in Iranians since the Neolithic period). Although, there are certain parts of my results which are different from the average SouthWest/Fars Iranian. I would be grateful if anyone could help me understand why on the Eurogenes calculator my East Med percentages are quite low to all reference Iranian populations, not only South West Iranians? Furthermore, it seems that the remaining percentages of East Med admixture are seen by quite increased European groups such as West Med, Baltic, North Atlantic and East Europe. Finally, no presence of Siberian/East Asian admixture in almost every calculator is also quite weird as most Iranian ethnic groups have slight traces of it. As far as I know, my ancestors have been living in those regions for a very long amount of time (can trace my family tree back many generations), so I'm curious to know why my results vary a little bit.

    I would be grateful to anybody that can comment on this and possibly provide an explanation and feel free to comment your own results for comparisons as well

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    here's my wife, her mom and dad's Eurogene K13 results. Seem to be similar to yours. There are tons of reasons why one's result might differ from the sample populations, particularly with Ancestry. My wife's old Ancestry was like 72% Caucasus, 10% South Asian, 8% Middle east and now its 94% Persian , 6% Turkey/Caucasus.

    1 West_Asian 42.3
    2 East_Med 26.58
    3 South_Asian 11.08
    4 Red_Sea 6.23
    5 Baltic 5.14
    6 West_Med 3.65
    7 Siberian 2.55
    8 North_Atlantic 0.83
    9 Sub-Saharan 0.61
    10 Northeast_African 0.57
    11 Amerindian 0.47

    father in law
    1 West_Asian 42.91
    2 East_Med 21.94
    3 South_Asian 13.65
    4 Red_Sea 8.11
    5 West_Med 4.97
    6 Baltic 4.84
    7 East_Asian 1.02
    8 Siberian 0.92
    9 Northeast_African 0.7
    10 Amerindian 0.66
    11 Sub-Saharan 0.28

    Mother in law
    1 West_Asian 38.27
    2 East_Med 26.59
    3 South_Asian 8.29
    4 West_Med 7.1
    5 Baltic 5.63
    6 Red_Sea 5.43
    7 Siberian 3.26
    8 North_Atlantic 2.85
    9 Amerindian 1.12
    10 Oceanian 0.99
    11 Sub-Saharan 0.48

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    Thank you sooooo sooooo much for replying and providing results for comparison

    Once again I see the similarities between my results and other Iranian results, but the common differences are still evident through the 1-3% Siberian and East Asian present in your wives, mother in law and father in laws results, whereas I literally have 0% on 99% of the calculators. Your father in laws results are extremely intriguing as he only has 21.94% East Med, and I thought I had a very low percentage for an Iranian at 23.52%.

    As for AncestryDNA results, I believe that at the current moment they have very inaccurate estimates for Iranians as they have tried to incorporate an Iran/Persia category. On Ancestry, I am 32% percentage Turkey and Caucuses, but on my recently received 23andme results I am 99.2% Western Asian and 0.8% South Asian with genetic ties to only Iran, no links with Turkey or any of the countries in the Caucuses. Within the Iran category, I had strong ties to 2 provinces in the South West, the strongest one being Fars province. I truly do not know how AncestryDNA had determined I am 32% from Turkey and the Caucuses, it truly baffles me.

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but what part of Iran does your wives family come from?
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