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Thread: Artefact shows Bronze Age Irish/Welsh Borders link

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    Artefact shows Bronze Age Irish/Welsh Borders link

    An important Bronze Age gold bulla from Ireland has been found in Shropshire, England, on the Welsh Borders, illustrating a link between the regions in 1,000-750BC.
    "The ‘Shropshire Bulla’ is only the second to be found in England, and eighth in the British Isles, leaving Peter Reavill *– who represents the British Museum in Shropshire *– to declare it the greatest Bronze Age find of his career and of international importance."
    Living DNA's former Cautious mode:
    Wales-related ancestry: 86.8%
    Cornwall: 8%
    North England-related ancestry: 5.2%
    Y line: Peak District, England. Big Y match: Scania, Sweden; TMRCA 1,250 ybp (YFull);
    mtDNA: traces to Glamorgan, Wales
    Mother's Y: traces to Llanvair Discoed, Wales

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