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Thread: Warning: Enhanced Member Scrutiny (South Asian section)

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    Exclamation Warning: Enhanced Member Scrutiny (South Asian section)

    Dear Members,

    We have received a disproportionately high number of member-initiated reports from this section over the past several months. The majority of these reports have fallen into one of two categories:

    1- Newer members breaching our ToS despite prior warnings or infractions
    2- Tit-for-tat reports, usually of marginal or little substance, between members whose disagreements or animosity developed at other sites

    Further, several of you have publicly defied the moderators who painstakingly oversee this section and attempt to maintain both civility and a productive atmosphere here. This site is run by unpaid volunteers and the needlessly petty, immature or non-compliant behavior we're having to deal with is a wasteful diversion of resources.

    Given this unreasonable administrative burden some of you are generating, the regulars of this specific section will be subject to enhanced scrutiny.

    We will enforce a one-strike policy (permaban) for the following groups found to breach any of our Terms henceforth:

    1- Newer members (defined as those with less than two years of activity on this site)
    2- Established members who've either received previous infractions or have been the subject of multiple reports/informal warnings in the past

    We warn all members that, should this unacceptable pattern continue in the short term, our administration may decide to close this section indefinitely.

    As a reminder, our ToS can be found in full below:

    To those who're vulnerable to this section-specific policy - Don't ruin the experience for everyone else.
    Forum Reminders - Please remember to:
    Report any problematic content • Adhere to Anthrogenica Hidden Content • Discuss respectfully • Be mindful of sharing user data (both yours and others) • English language only in main forum area • PM 'Moderator' for basic maintenance tasks or information about member suspensions or bans

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