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Thread: Dutch Longobard? About Scandic and/or Baltic-Slavic influences.....

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    Dutch Longobard? About Scandic and/or Baltic-Slavic influences.....

    Based on the W-Euroasian coordinates member Huijbregts made some fine analyses() about my auDNA, this was the result:


    I'm of North Dutch descent. German Mediaval is in that sense no surprise. But the Avar Szolad?

    Member Tomenable made an analysis and the Avar-Szolad are to be qualified as a kind of Balto-Slavic.

    Based on G25 nMonte webrunner, this is absent among Dutch and generally in West-Europe, not even among the early Anglo-Saxons:

    We only see a trace among the Norwegians only along the Swedish we get a pretty amount of Avar-Szolad.

    The Swedish amount is no surprise see a very big amount of Avar-Szolad among Rise174 that's a Swedish migration time sample, almost 1/4!

    When I take my family and member Radboud, it's there in my family's samples and not in Radboud's sample:

    Is in my case the Balto-Slavic influence direct or recent or is this indirect, due to a Swedish influence?

    I have no known recent Balto-Slavic ancestors.....So I guess the biggest chance is that in the turmoil of the big population migration there was a Swedish (or East Danish) kind of influence.

    So in the in the end a kind of Longobard?
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