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Thread: The Italian Peninsula through Ancient DNA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camulogène Rix View Post
    I fully agree, but in my opinion the Corsicans from the hinterland are genetically close to the Romans (from Latium) of the Iron Age. I know that phenotypes are not considered seriously on Anthrogenica but I can tell you that blue eyes and fair hair are not rare in some parts of Corsica, especially in the mountains.
    Indeed, the nobility of Corsica was composed of families from Tuscany.
    Thank you. Yes I also did the risky business of mention phenotype in my earlier post. I am not surprised - I used to think that they shared genetics with Sardinians. But they are actual much closer to Central Italians and North Italians. I compared on Poi's K36 Calculator for fits. And all North Italian population Samples + Central fitted better with Corsican than Sardinia.

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