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Thread: The Italian Peninsula through Ancient DNA

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    Pred.Anglo-Saxon + Briton
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b S21184, BY50830+
    mtDNA (M)
    U4b1a2 - FGS
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Canada England Wales Netherlands France Cornwall
    Quote Originally Posted by Bollox79 View Post
    New data/forthcoming paper - what paper? On Oldenburg line? I'm confused... and U106 (I'm always collecting data on U106!)? Huh? ;-).
    Genomic game of thrones: Ancient DNA analysis of European and Asian royal dynasties

    O. Balanovsky; M. Allentoft; W. Haak; D. Pezhemsky; V. Volkov; M. Zhabagin; V. Zaporozhchenko; E. Lukyanova; T. Gunther; E. Balanovska; J. Krause; E. Willerslev

    I know the original blood stained hankerchief was awhile back before some of these technologies. I was curious where the U106 came from, or if this was just a guess, or a leak from the paper. The good news it that the R1b seems to be re-confirmed, at least at a glance.
    YDNA: R1b-BY50830 (1800's Stepney, London(Bethnal Green), UK George Wood b. 1782 English <-> Bavarian cluster
    maternal-grandfather YDNA: prob. I1 Gurr, George 1843, Feversham, Kent, England.
    maternal-grandmother YDNA: R1b-P311+ Beech, John Richard b. 1780, Lewes, England
    maternal-ggrandfather YDNA R1b-U106 Thomas, Edward b 1854, Sittingbourne, Kent
    paternal-ggf YDNA: R1b-L48. Gould, John Somerset England 1800s.
    paternal-ggf YDNA: R1b-L48. Scott, William Hamilton mdka Ireland(?) < 1800s

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintah106 View Post
    Absurd, Romanovs, Bronze age scandinavia,R u106.
    This thread is about the Italian peninsula.
    Paternal: R1b-U152 >> L2 >> FGC10543, Pietro della Rocca, b. 1559, Agira, Sicily, Italy
    Maternal: H4a1-T152C!, Maria Coto, b. ~1864, Galicia, Spain
    Mother's Paternal: J1+ FGC4745/FGC4766+ PF5019+, Gerardo Caprio, b. 1879, Caposele, Avellino, Campania, Italy
    Father's Maternal: T2b-C150T, Francisca Santa Cruz, b.1916, Garganchon, Burgos, Spain
    Paternal Great (x3) Grandfather: R1b-U106 >> L48 >> CTS2509, Filippo Ensabella, b.~1836, Agira, Sicily, Italy

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    What language did the Neolithic Italian farmers with Anatolian Neolithic ancestry speak?

    What language was brought into Italy together with the Anatolian Bronze Age(ABA) ancestry? Is this the same as the Neolithic one? Was there any Anatolian Bronze Age ancestry in the Iron Age individuals of central Italy?

    And what language was brought into Italy with the Steppe Bronze Age ancestry(doesnt matter R1a or R1b...)?

    If the Celts are almost 100% Y-haplogroup R1b (as is shown in the wide sample set of the earlier studies on the Celts), and if this is the same as the earlier central European Bell Beakers, isnt it obvious that the Iron Age Italic language was local in the Italian peninsula since the Bronze Age. Should it be not logical to think that the outlier haplogroups (non R1b) from the Iron Age of central Italy are related to the elite Etruscans?

    The Bell Beakers are divided into two groups, the group(early Bronze Age) originating from southern Europe(with Neolithic farmer Y-haplogroups, AN) and the central / northern European group with Steppe ancestry(with Steppe Y-haplogroups, SBA). And the Bell Beaker individuals from the in between regions like Hungary show a mix of the above two Bell Beaker groups. So, to which group is the Etruscan language associated, and to which group the Celtic language? Among which of the two groups is there found ABA ancestry?

    The early Romans have mostly "Aegean and Anatolian post-bronze-age populations" related ancestry. When did this ancestry come into central Italy? It certainly didnt arrive during the medieval period, did it arrive in the early Iron Age?

    What are the minor outlier Y-haplogroups of the early Iron Age period of central Italy? What language did these outliers speak? Where these outliers the foreign elites?

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