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Thread: How accurate is GEDmatch really?

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    Many don't seem to distinguish between the Admixture percentages and the Oracles. For the low-K admixture calculators, there isn't a lot to update. These could be redone and redone and the result would be mostly the same. For doing continental-type splitting, you probably are likely to get similar results from any of the better calculators.

    However, the Oracles are very basic and some are better than others. It probably isn't the best way to try to model your ancestry, but rather just to get a general idea. The G25 is a lot better for this kind of modeling.

    But, there are things you can do with the admixture calculators that are very valuable for research, such as targeted analysis, chromosome painting, etc. that can be very helpful in working out things like minor ancestry. For these, the current set of calculators are fine. The main issue will be with new chips if the SNPs used by the calculator don't line up with the SNPs being tested. This could cause a need for updating.
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    Very Accurate if your data contain good quality and readable snps.

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