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    When the north of Russia was opened up by Novgorod principality, the indigenous population would be included in the case of the Uralic population (Fino-ugric), that is why the northern Russians are "small outliers" at the genetic cluster closer more to Finns and karelians
    Now many lovers of genetics are confused. Who are the northern Russians? Northern Russians are Russian people with special dialectical features. They have a special accent, which is distinguished by the pronunciation of the Slavic letter "o". Central Russians and southern Russians say “a” instead of “o”. For example, the northern Russian speaks "Moskva", the central and southern Russian speaks "Maskva". In the Middle Ages, a dialect with a sound [o] was in Novgorod and in Kargopol and in Arkhangelsk. But after the appearance of the literary language, such cities as Novgorod, Kargopol switched to Central Russian dialect. Therefore, it is formally Central Russian. There is no territorial division of the Russian people. The Russian people are divided only minor dialectic features.
    2) Russians who are close to the Finns are Pomors. Pomors is Russian subethnos. They live east of Arkhangelsk along rivers and the sea — Mezen, Pinega, and so on. There are 6 thousand of them. Russian people more than 120 million people.
    3) Pomors are northern Russians, but northern Russians are not Pomors. This is the mistake of people who do not understand Russian.

    This is PCA sample Kozlov, calculator K27 MDLP
    Where is the Russian Kargopol Karelians? Karelians are very far from Kargopol. Veps is a mixture of Finns and Slavs.

    Kargapol, along with all the Slavs, Pomors near the Veps, but far from the Karelians. Since the Vepsians are a mixture of Finns and Slavs, then the Pomors also mix the Finns and Slavs, so they are similar.
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