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Thread: Ancestry´s Ethnicity Mix: a mess!

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    Yes, DNA Land is okay in my experience.

    However, it tends to overstate lesser ethnicities. For example, my mother gets 1.5% Amazonian despite being mostly Irish and having no known ancestors born outside Ireland in several hundred years!
    Target: mildlycurly_scaled
    Distance: 1.3578% / 0.01357814
    57.0 Irish
    37.6 English
    2.6 Roma_Barcelona
    1.8 Ashkenazi_Germany
    1.0 Roma_Granada

    Current research interest(s): The Viscontis of Milan

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    Y-DNA (M)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appius View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions concerning 23&me, I'll definitely consider it.
    My interest is dual, (deep) ancestry and genealogical matches. So I guess I'll have to take more tests.
    GEDMatch doesn't give me any useful matches, though.
    Anyway, I notice I still have a lot to learn, and I'll do that.
    I know it's off place but just a quick one, is DNA.Land a safe site to upload your data to?
    You have to use the calculators (Admixture/Heritage) to search for the Native American component(s)

    For instance what do Eurogenes K13 and K36 show for Amerindian?
    R1b>M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>DF19>DF88>FGC11833 >S4281>S4268>Z17112>BY44243

    Ancestors: Francis Cooke (M223/I2a2a) b1583; Hester Mahieu (Cooke) (J1c2 mtDNA) b.1584; Richard Warren (E-M35) b1578; Elizabeth Walker (Warren) (H1j mtDNA) b1583;
    John Mead (I2a1/P37.2) b1634; Rev. Joseph Hull (I1, L1301+ L1302-) b1595; Benjamin Harrington (M223/I2a2a-Y5729) b1618; Joshua Griffith (L21>DF13) b1593;
    John Wing (U106) b1584; Thomas Gunn (DF19) b1605; Hermann Wilhelm (DF19) b1635

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