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Thread: Help with English genealogy.

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    Help with English genealogy.

    I've gotten wonderful advice here before so I figured it couldn't hurt to take a crack at one of the most frustrating brick walls in my tree. The mystery man is John Saunders, from the parish of Kings Bromley in Staffordshire, England. The problems are plentiful, to start I do not think that I have an accurate birth date. At the time of Johns death in 1840 (yes, just shy of the census, woe is me) the only person with him was his daughter, Dorothy, who was only five years old at the time and likely did not convey the correct information. On the death registration he is said to be 65 years old placing his birth around 1775. I believe this is incorrect, he would have been having children into his sixties (the last children, Lucy and Henry, being born in 1840). He was married in 1819, his wife, Rebecca, was born in 1799, making John almost 45 years old at the time of marriage. It just seems so unlikely for the time.

    On the marriage ban John is said to be from the same parish (Kings Bromley), usually when I have a look at marriage records and one of the spouses is born elsewhere it is noted as "So and So, from the parish of..." instead of "So and So, from THIS parish...", am I correct to believe he would have been born there? Or is this a huge error in judgement on my part?

    I've been looking at records around the time of his supposed birth (1775, searching 1783 +/- 10 years strictly in Kings Bromley) and only come up with one result, baptized 1778, but upon tracing the line found him to be a different person (he appears on the 1841 census).

    This brings me a geographic question, would it be safe to start looking in Burton Upon Trent? Is this too simplistic? Perhaps Lichfield would be a better start since they lived in Bromley Regis?

    I have DNA matches to this line, a second cousin through my great grandfathers first marriage (I'm a product of his second) so I've been trying to sort out our mutual connections but it's been difficult to say the least. Our highest mutual connection is only 30 cM, I've been able to trace their tree but their Saunders family is from Sussex, a far cry from Staffordshire, and there seems no connection between the two families yet. It doesn't help that I can't find any images of the birth and marriage records from Worth, as it would help to see if everyone is native to the parish.

    Any help and advice would be appreciated. If you've broken through on something like this I'd love to hear how, even if it's a simple "wait for the right match". I've sent in an AncestryDNA kit so hopefully I'll at least get more matches and more clues.

    I don't know if this makes any difference but John passed away of "dropsical". I hate looking into medical conditions so I haven't googled this term yet, I doubt it will help anything but thought I should include it.

    Thanks for reading the rantings of a madman!

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