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Thread: ZEUS and altai petroglyph

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    Quote Originally Posted by johen View Post
    symbol on her face:

    okunevo symbol at the bottom of pottery:

    kalash also, so the kalash symbol from altai:
    slavic also:

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    Quote Originally Posted by johen View Post
    *Dyḗus Ph2tḗr (lit. "sky father") > Deus or Ancient Greek Zeus > ancient chinese Tees > modern chinese Di(帝, lord)

    So zeus means “sky”

    1. A chinese character, Tian (means sky) seems to be originate in an altai petroglyph.

    origin of 天:

    Altai petroglyph:

    2. So is this ancient Greek person zeus?

    Fig 4. The warrior burials at grave circle B at Mycenae, with Avila type II spearheads.
    Is greek really similar to cherokee?

    According to dr. yates book old world roots of the cherokee,

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