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Thread: FTDNA Y37 test

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    Thank you for the suggestion. Wouldn't SNP information be more valuable than STR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntchback View Post
    Thank you for the suggestion. Wouldn't SNP information be more valuable than STR?
    You're just doing it to get the basket up to $100 so I don't think it matter's too much.

    If it does interest you, then you may want to pick a SNP.

    Y-DNA (ISOGG 2019): R2a2b1b2a1a1-Y1383* (Y154917-)
    Y-DNA path: M207 > M479 > M124 > P267 > Y12100 > Y8763 > Y8766 > V3714 > SK2142 > Y1377 > Y1379 > Z29271 > Y1383 x Y154917

    mtDNA: M5a1a1-G9064A


    Y-DNA (ISOGG 2019): R1b1a1b1b3a-Z2109
    Y-DNA path: M207 > M173 > M343 > L754 > L388 > P297 > M269 > L23 > Z2103 > Z2106 > Z2109

    mtDNA (YFull: YF62636): U7a3a12-C15433T

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    Dear Huntchback,
    Your haplogroup is E-M35 (confirmed by backbone SNP test). But the downstream was only predicted by Y-STR values.

    In some cases E-V22 and E-M34 have homoplasic similarity. My only one "zero-step" 0/12 match is E-V22, but I am E-M34.

    Therefore I strongly recommend you to order BigY during sales period. "SNP by SNP" shooting strategy is not good for guys like us. You will loose a little money for uncompleted information. I did it many years. BigY700& Yfull is most informative strategy for nowadays.

    (There was no wide sequencing tests 10 years ago. Therefore I wasted money for SNP pack and dozens of single SNP test. Only BigY &Yfull showed I am the new downstream of E-M34. Now my branch is E-Y37093. Your situation looks very like mine. You seems to be from new uncovered branch with 5000 years old age or even older. You are not in typical Mediterranean pack of E-M35.

    Save your money with BigY. Yes, I am not joking
    Good luck!

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    Dear Farroukh.

    Thank you very much for your answer. I will think about it. But I will not be able to do it in the near future. It is very expensive.

    Thanks again.

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