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Thread: The day they found a Viking martyr in a hole in a wall

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    The day they found a Viking martyr in a hole in a wall

    Celebrating an Anniversary.

    The day they found a Viking martyr in a hole in a wall

    Courtesy of Marcelo @ the Z140 Project Page
    Known Paper Trail: 45.3% English, 29.7% Scottish, 12.5% Irish, 6.25% German & 6.25% Italian. Or: 87.5% British Isles, 6.25% German & 6.25% Italian.
    LivingDNA: 88.1% British Isles (59.7% English, 27% Scottish & 1.3% Irish), 5.9% Europe South (Aegian 3.4%, Tuscany 1.3%, Sardinia 1.1%), 4.4% Europe NW (Scandinavia) & 1.6% Europe East, (Mordovia).
    FT Big Y: I1-Z140 branch I-F2642 >Y1966 >Y3649 >A13241 >Y3647 >A13248 (circa 620 AD) >A13242/YSEQ (circa 765 AD) >A13243/YSEQ (circa 1340 AD).

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    I was visiting Kirkwall in September of last year. St Magnus Cathedral is well worth a visit - they have an information centre, the Earl's and Bishop's Palaces and a good and comprehensive museum just across the road.

    I was wondering if they were able to get any more information from the bones. Unfortunately, this article says "No DNA/isotopics from samples of bone were available that would have helped to determine hair and eye colour." Looks like the fellow who did the facial reconstruction used the photographs from 1925 as the remains were re-interred inside a pillar in the church where they remain today:

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