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Thread: Beta: Help Test our new South Asian Ancestry Breakdown

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    Beta: Help Test our new South Asian Ancestry Breakdown

    Maybe someone pointed this before, but on 14th March I got the Beta e-mail notice which states "Note that this beta update is only available for customers on the v5 chip at this time." But I'm tested on V3, so the link gives simply an ugly "Oops, 404 error!" page. This is both frustrating as there's no way to upgrade to V5 and undermines faith in service a bit when they couldn't mail that only to kits that actual have it.

    Another kit under my care that's done on the V5 did receive the updated results after I opted in to Beta on it as soon as I got the e-mail, though I didn't get a second e-mail notifying me of the update.


    The new Beta is actually giving a breakdown of the changes in the new (Remember, still Beta!) breakdown, some of which are kinda "shocking". Not only did "South Asian 0.2%" on this kit turn to "Central & South Asian 1.2%" (Broadly Central Asian & Northern South Asian 0.9%, Broadly Central & South Asian 0.3%) but some of the European assignments have seen significant changes:


    I'm not going to bust out of shape over these changes, although I can imagine if this rolls out many people are going to have a cow. Determining ancestry involves fairly subjective (but genetically informed) decision on what the possible ethnicities are as well as the all-important time-dimension with many populations have been displaced genetically if not geographically in recent history. Still, Scandinavian almos thalving is pretty significant change. This Beta seems to resemble some of the earlier versions of 23andMe's analysis, including re-appearance of some trace ethnicities lost in the last update. Still sort of wanting to figure out an easy way to track the different assignments of each genetic segment through different services and versions of their analysis.

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    I just noticed this is being dicussed in!
    The Beta report includes significant changes to other ethnicities too, as can be seen above though.
    At least I could join the Beta still after the Beta report was announced, V5 chip only, didn't become available immediately, only tried it again yesterday and found it was available.

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