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    I had the most frustrating back and forth with someone on the FTDNA forums before. He was trying to convince me that P312 arose in 900 AD. He was writing as if he was an expert and had so many inside contacts. Just one of his comments of self-praise: "I don’t want to use big words about myself, yet I have to describe it. I usually see the error of a "mathematical system" and the logical errors. I see instinctively. In most cases, I'm always right. I am wrong too, but my vision is usually correct."

    Anyway, he was writing that Hungarian geneticists have recognized the genetic site TheMyTrueancestry and they are now writing a study on the results that is not yet public. He was saying that the algorithm of the MyTrueAncestry page is better than the mathematical algorithm of FTDNA. While admitting that there are flaws, he claimed that a "skilled professional" knows what they are. He reiterated that a team of scientists made up of internationally renowned professors and geneticists recognise its credibility. They also took a lot of measurements and this is an independent confirmation of the positive credibility of the site.

    He was never able to tell me who these "internationally renowned professors" were but I was just expected to take his word for it. Naturally, I didn't take his perception of the site or his theories seriously. He was actually the only reason that I uploaded my DNA to the site so that I could point out its flaws.
    Ancestry: Ireland (Paper trail ≅ 81.25% Roscommon, 12.5% Galway, 6.25% Mayo)
    Y-DNA (P) ancestor (Y): Kelly b. c1830 in Co. Roscommon (Uí Maine)
    mtDNA (P) ancestor: Fleming b. c1831 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA (M) ancestor: McDermott b. c1814 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA Great grandfather: Connella b. c1798 in Co. Roscommon (T2a1a8)
    Y-DNA 2x great grandfather: Higgins b. c1816 in Co. Roscommon (R-DF109)
    Y-DNA 3x great grandfather: Fleming b. c1829 in Co. Roscommon (R-Z23534)

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