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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessie View Post
    I do not match the Irish samples with any of my kits. I find it strange considering my father is from Roscommon and Kilteasheen is in Roscommon.

    Can anyone see what modern populations they match? Thanks.
    That could bring the validity of these samples into question if they are not even on your list IMO
    Paper trail ancestry to the best of my knowledge:
    English (possibly containing some Welsh ancestry) 31.25%, Scottish 17.96%, Scotch-Irish 12.5%, Eastern German 12.5%, Eastern European (Likely Polish possibly including Romanian) 12.5%, French 7.81%, Native American (Saulteaux and Assiniboine) 2.34%, and Colonial American, 3.125%, which cannot be traced with certainty. With certainty, there is Dutch (at least 1.36%) and some English.

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