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Okay, thanks for the explentation. Does this mean that matches at the 64 level would be more in line with my branch of R1b-L193.
That would be more likely. Haplotype overlap becomes less of an issue with more markers, as it's easier to identify haplotype combinations unique to your subclade. As Mikewww mentioned, men with DYS406s1=11 or 12 and DYS617=13 or 14 tend to be L513+.

On top of that, having less markers can give the illusion of a match being closer than it really is. For my most recent match on FTDNA, if I compare my first 37 markers to his first 37, then we apparently have a 26.73% chance of having a MRCA 24 generations away, however when I compare all 67 of my markers to all 67 of his, this percentage plummets to just 2.2%. Upgrading to Y67 will help further suggest if the match is genuine or not. Of course, Y111 takes this logic even further.

As Mikewww mentioned a few days ago, it's a safe bet to upgrade to 67 Y-STR's as this can help decide if you being close to L513+ men genuinely makes you more likely to be L513+, or if this is just a false alarm due to haplotype overlap. $99 is a lot of money, however it can act as insurance. It also bring the upgrade cost of services above Y67 (Y111 and Big Y-700) down though, so if you are considering testing above Y67 in the future then you actually don't really lose much at all.

One point I will make is that if you're considering doing a Big Y-700 (or any other sequence test for that matter) at any point in the future then it's best not to purchase any SNP packs. As it tests you (among other things) for practically every single SNP on FTDNA/YFull/ISOGG anyways, any SNP (individual or pack) purchased before the Big Y becomes a complete waste of money. Upgrading STR's sequentially as opposed to going straight to Big Y-700 doesn't command too much of a price difference, as the Big-Y700 upgrade price goes down as you upgrade your STR's (it's still cheaper to go straight to Big Y-700 but not that much). A sequential upgrade may be more economically feasible for you, it's the same logic with car finance - you pay a bit more in the end, but it made the car much easier to afford, as you only needed to provide a $2000 deposit upfront, instead of the whole $20000 to purchase the car outright.

EDIT: Purchasing an upgrade through the project link may save you money: https://www.familytreedna.com/group-...21_11-13_Combo