I'd love to meet 17th century French philosopher scientist and mathematician Rene Descartes if I ever had the ability to traverse back into time...time machine sci-fi style that is lol in all irony this particular undertaking actually is to his writings and doctrines haha!! He was a genius in metaphysics, founder of modern science/scientific-method, a brilliant mathematician, and understood in profound universal magnitude how the mind/world/&universe worked. His philosophies are no doubt like kindred to metaphysical hocus pocus having supernatural-like occultic and magical properties to them as see-through as diamond... the ideas in the ultra popular Hollywood flick "The Matrix" for instance can all be indebted to Descartes' writings in both Latin and French! There are even some tight-knit links between his philosophies and some of the most major core tenets and ideas found amongst the Buddhist/Hindu/Eastern religions as well which is intriguing. His image is the metaphysical representation of the subconscious perennial doctrine between the I and the Godhead.