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Thread: Living DNA Product Update April 2019

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    Northwest USA
    British & Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b>L513>A7> BY11186
    mtDNA (M)
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    Scotland Wales Ireland England Germany Netherlands

    Living DNA Product Update April 2019

    David Nicholson - April. 26, 2019

    "Over the coming months, Living DNA will be rolling out significant upgrades to our ancestry platform. The purpose is to update your results as well as providing a more intuitive experience with new features.

    When Hannah and I launched Living DNA, we were focused on providing one thing, an incredibly detailed ancestry breakdown starting with people who have British Isles Ancestry, while offering a competitive product for those with ancestry from the rest of the world. We are very appreciative of the support we have received while going through our fair share of growing pains as we move from a single product offering to something far more extensive...

    ... Since RootsTech2019, our Senior Product Manager, Katie Welka, has helped lead our teams to pull together an aggressive roadmap that helps us to migrate away from legacy systems (that were slowing us down) into a new platform experience. This will allow us to deliver a wide range of insights into your DNA and exciting new products that our current system can't deliver.

    Last week we took the first major step in the migration of a core part of our system to a scalable and fast solution. This was a major success for the team of 16 involved. Over the next 4 months, we will be continuing this effort. It's no small feat with an entire rebuild of our core systems and we very much appreciate your support at this time.

    What will the work we're doing now mean for you?
    You will have easier access to your results with a simpler login process
    New customers will be able to activate their kit or choose to upload data in less than half of the time it currently takes
    We'll be able to release updates to our ancestry regions offering sub-regional views in more countries
    We will be able to start to release the range of new features we have in the pipeline including completing additional steps on family matching and mobile-friendly experiences..."
    Estimated ancestry after reviewing, 23&Me, FTDNA My Origins, Living DNA and known family history:
    33% English, 27% Scottish, 18% Welsh, 18% Irish, 4% German/Netherlands

    Y-DNA leads to Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands: R1b>M343>L278>L754>L389>P297>M269>L23>L51>L151/L11>P312>Z290>L21/M529>DF13>L513/DF1>S5668>A7>Z21253> S7834 > S7828 > BY11203 > BY11186 (about 320-550 years old)

    MTDNA leads to Glamorgan, South Wales: K1a4a1f

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