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Thread: Puerto Ricans in the US versus those in Puerto Rico -- genetic differences?

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    Puerto Ricans in the US versus those in Puerto Rico -- genetic differences?

    I have seen studies showing that the average Puerto Rican is 64% European, 21% Sub-Saharan African, and 15% Amerindian. I think this estimate is based on Puerto Ricans in the US, probably in the northeast. Based on phenotype, most Puerto Ricans in this area look roughly within that range -- predominantly European triracials, with a noticeable Sub-Saharan element with a minority of people who would be read as "black" and might look more Dominican.

    However, after Hurricane Maria hit, in nearly every photo taken in Puerto Rico or every news story, the people they showed looked at least 50% African, with many looking like African Americans or Jamaicans... you could have mistaken some of the pictures for being in Jamaica. I know there are parts of Puerto Rico where the people are significantly more African than those in the US.

    Yet, the Puerto Rico census says 75% of the population is white, 12% black, and only 10% mixed European/African/Amerindian.

    Are Puerto Ricans on the island more Sub-Saharan? Does anyone know?

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