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Thread: DNA of the Chieftains of Ireland, Scottish Clan Chieftains and Kings of South Wales

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    Anyone have any more information about them or who they were, or know of any websites with the information about the Irish, Scots, and Welsh/Brittionic Chieftains and early kings who are R1B-L21?

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    Glasgow, Scotland
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    Scottish clan affairs made the evening news here last night:

    Clan Buchanan appoints its first chief since 1681
    YSEQ:#37; YFull: YF01405 (Y Elite 2013)
    WGS (Full Genomes Nov 2015, YSEQ Feb 2019, Dante Mar 2019, FGC-10X Linked Reads Apr 2019, Dante-Nanopore May 2019) - further WGS tests pending ;-)
    Ancestry GCs: Scots in central Scotland & Ulster, Ireland; English in Yorkshire & Pennines
    Hidden Content
    FBIMatch: A828783 (autosomal DNA) for segment matching DO NOT POST ADMIXTURE REPORTS USING MY KIT

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    He is just a rich guy who could afford a Burke's Peerage researcher and a QC to present a case to the Lord Lyon.His actual descent from the early Chiefs of Buchanan is via two obscure female lines.He does not hold the Y-DNA that denotes descendancy via the male line.

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    Y-DNA (M)

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    Surprisingly, it's looking slightly possible now that both the Deirgtine (parent family of the Eoganachta and Ui Fidgenti + Ui Liathain) and the earlier Dairine (Corcu Loigde and others) are in origin Irish Type II (CTS4466) and related. However, I've seen elsewhere in this thread that the Dal Fiatach, supposedly the closest relations of the Dairine, who were found nextdoor to them in Ulster on Ptolemy's map, may in fact be M222. Of course there is a famous Ulster-Munster artery in the Ulster Cycle.

    So I guess we might (or might not, and assuming we can claim either more distantly) be splitting them? btw there's a little M222 in the Corca Laidhe project, but totally random and evidently missing among the O'Driscolls and O'Learys. CTS4466 in turn has a small presence in North Ireland/Ulster, more of one in Scotland, and a possible origin in Wales.
    My 23andMe kit into Eurogenes K36 then oracle (thanks to lukaszM):

    nMonte restricted: Ireland 48.05, SW-England 20.95, Finnish East 20.05, Russian Tver 3.70, Latvian 3.15, Mari 1.90, Lithuanian 1.30, French Basque 0.90, Orcadian 0.00

    nMonte full: Ireland 45.70, Finnish East 20.05, SW-England 20.05, Russian Tver 4.10, Orcadian 3.05, Latvian 2.45, Mari 1.95, Lithuanian 1.45, French Basque 1.00, W-England 0.15, Belarusian East 0.05

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    Ireland Scotland Flanders Netherlands Friesland Orkney
    Aye laddie, like Pringle of Stichhill and Johnston of Johnston

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