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Thread: Relative finder distribution of South Asian Caste and Tribal Haplogroups

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    Punjabi Sidhu Jatt

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulblighter View Post
    Pashtun (Sein)
    Note: Many non south Asian matches

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    Punjabi Jatt (Paul Gill)

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    hi soul, I recently had my DNA tested by Nat Geo. My paternal is J-CTS2906....I am wondering if I can get the Pie can I get a pie chart for my DNA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatt2016 View Post
    hi soul, I recently had my DNA tested by Nat Geo. My paternal is J-CTS2906....I am wondering if I can get the Pie can I get a pie chart for my DNA?
    How can you be positive for J-CTS2906 when you are H-M69?
    Negative for M304, M172, M410, L26, M67 ... Why don't you order a M92 SNP pack for $39?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parasar View Post
    No, I'm not a Punjabi. HRP0003
    While the link says Bihari Brahmin, our caste is better known as Bhumihar or Babhan (Pali form of Brahman), called by British officials "military brahmins."
    Essentially we were/are an agricultural class.

    The reference that I had mentioned in Post # 89 calls us Gurjjar, and the book looks to be very reliable. It is a compendium of the situation of India just prior to the British, though the Portuguese and perhaps the French were already in India as Firangis are mentioned as being present in the south.

    Therefore, perhaps our early name was Gurjjar Brahman when we on the Yamuna and then with the Turkish invasions moved east (the book above just calls the invaders Yavana which is a generic word used for all invaders) and merged with the Babhans.

    There is an interesting take on a website on Gurjjar Brahmans: case of the Gurjara Brahmans
    and gives this map which make a lot of sense to me.

    If you note in the above map, there is a settlement in the Punjab region and the Yamuna region. In both those locations, our family traditions hold that we had connections, with Mohyals and Gaur Tyagis, respectively. But the Gurjara connection was forgotten. Mohyal legends on the other hand do retain recollections of a presence in the Gurjara region near the Narmada and Tapti rivers.


    "The earliest records that can be unquestionably allotted to members of this family [Gurjjar], are of the time of Dadda II.4 Two of them are copperplate charters which were obtained at Kaira, the chief town of the Kaira District, Bombay Presidency ... for which the form Akuleivara occurs elsewhere,3 has been rightly identified by Dr. Buhler with the modern Ankleshwar, the chief town of the Ankleshwar taluka in the Broach District"

    The Mohyal records say that they were present on the banks of the Amravati river in Gujarat. "Amravati ke kenare par Raja Dahar Mal laryo Bich Gujrat baje fateh ke nakare ji. - Dahar Mal fought with the Sultan on the- bank of the river Amravati and killed many of his men. The rest of the Sultan's army fled across the river and Raja Dahar's victory was proclaimed in Gujrat." The History of the Muhiyals: The Militant Brahman Race of India, 1938

    "Muhial ... cultivate land, ... a connection is claimed with the Bhunhar or Bhumihar community of Bihar and the United Provinces...Tradition also declares that Raja Dahar defeated a Sultan on the banks of the AmravatiJ across which river the beaten army fled; and Dahar's victory was proclaimed at Gujrat."

    Now this river has apparently become a nala-stream but there indeed is such a river near Ankleshwar! "Those killed and the 25 injured among others were travelling in a state transport bus which fell into Amravati river on national highway no 8, about 5 km from Ankleshwar." http://articles.timesofindia.indiati...ent-ankleshwar

    Now that I have near exhaustively researched available sources, Full Genome scans can perhaps provide some conformation. Comparing STRs, one of my best matches happens to be a Bal Jatt. Unfortunately what I could find on the web about them looks peculiar and fanciful.
    Do you (or does anyone else) happen to have some traditional information on this clan?
    We are also part of the 84 gurjara brahmins family. Pushkarna/pushtikar. Raja dahir sen last hindu king of sindh was also.pushkarna. Pushkarna lives in North gujarat Eastern sindh and western rajasthan.

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    I have friends and in-laws who are South Asian, most are Tamil but some are Sikh. I only know one who took a DNA test and it was done a decade or more and from National Geographic.

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