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Thread: Visualizing Ancient Migration Speeds

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    Visualizing Ancient Migration Speeds

    As author of the SNP Tracker (, I can modify the code to look for interesting patterns. The attached map is an overlay of all paths of the FTDNA Y Tree, with the segments between SNPs color coded by calculated migration speed (an easy calculation given two locations and the dates of each SNP founding). Haplogroup I1 provides a nice control -- they plodded their way north at < 0.2 km/year in the Paleolithic. The interesting paths are the descendants of R-M269: they begin on foot (cyan) from the Caucasus to the steppes, and then around the time that R-L23 occurs, there is a dramatic transition to high speed migration -- which we can ascribe to their acquisition of horses and wheeled carts. This high speed run continues up the Danube valley, and starts to slow around R-P310 as it splits to its major subclades R-U106 and R-P312>R-L21. After that the paths diverge and slow down -- the color-cast goes to blue-green everywhere. There are not enough Iberian datapoints to paint a clear picture of the R1b invasion of Iberia (recently published by the Reich group).
    Two things strike me as surprising in the map: first that the Yamana-Black Sea-Danube dash is the only major high-speed run of its size in history, and second that the R1a (R-M198>R-M417) proceed at a leisurely pace of about 0.5 km/year, despite their steppe ancestry: this evidence suggests that they were too early to adopt the faster R1b culture.

    speed map.jpg

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