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Thread: First Horse Warriors Video (Ancient DNA Discussed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by etrusco View Post

    Of course....sample R1M417 in SS has been discovered in September 2017......
    Right, but no one that I know of sees Sredny Stog as the direct parent of Corded Ware, so they could have found pygmy dna at Sredny Stog as far as CW is concerned.

    Of course, pygmy dna would have been shocking, since Sredny Stog was one of the Yamnaya feeder cultures.

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    Na gut die CWC ist zu 75-80% genetisch der Yamna cultur identisch , ob man das als kopie sehen sollte ich glaube nicht . Mit R1a vermutung könnten Sie vielleicht recht haben es ist ein schweres Thema Sie haben beide gute argumente , ich sitze da zwischen 2 Stühlen. Meine männliche Linie ist CWC aber mein Vaters mtdna ist in der östlichen Yamna Kultur enstanden von meinen Vater die Mütter stammt aus rumänien also muss ich was genetisch von der Yamna cultur haben , ich denke was andere Europäer zu ein gewissen Grad teilen
    Well the CWC is 75-80% genetically identical to the Yamna cultur, whether you should see that as a copy I do not think so. With R1a guess you might be right it's a heavy topic you both have good arguments, I'm sitting between 2 chairs. My male line is CWC but my father's mtdna is in the eastern Yamna culture originated by my dad mothers are from Romania so I have to genetically genetically have something from the Yamna cultur, I think what other Europeans share to some extent
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