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Thread: 312 versus 75

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    312 versus 75

    Yfull has 312 Phyloequivalent SNPs listed for I1 and 6 for DF29.

    Ftdna has only 75 listed for I1 and 4 for DF29.

    Is Ftdna more accurate because they have a larger database or is it simply a difference in their standards for calling SNPs?
    I-DF29: ool009 Skane, Sweden 1930-1750 BCE

    Z58, Z59, Z2041, Z2040, Z382, FGC24333

    S26361: VK532 Zealand, Denmark 200-375 CE

    S16414, FGC24354, FGC24357, FGC24356, S10350

    FGC75802/BY19383: VK446 Funen, Denmark 800-1050 CE

    Y125947, S21197, BY149414, BY188003, BY188570

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