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Thread: Preprint [Population history and genetic adaptation of the Fulani nomads: Inferences]

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    Preprint [Population history and genetic adaptation of the Fulani nomads: Inferences]

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    This study is a godsend, proving what was always sensible and clear, and with that, destroying the 2 ideologically driven and derailing ideologue-driven camps that have colored the debate on the origin of the Fulani - one Euro- and an Afro- centric counterpart - with the formers arguments speaking of R1b-V88 carriers straight out of the Dniester-Dnieper or even Vandals directly admixing into the Senegambian Atlantic ancestors of the Fulani in any significant way, and the latter presenting the Fulani as a simple Neolithic-era mix of ANA and west-central Africans with little to no Eurasian.

    But what was long suspected has now been proven - the Fulani are the result of mixing between a Maghrebi Berber population and a pre/proto-Haalpulaar'en intensive agriculturalist - and clearly post-Neolithic - and likely cattle holding population (or perhaps, only and or more significantly impacting the cattle keeping portion ancestral Haalpulaar'en) inhabiting the Senegal river bend in Futa Tooro circa 2000 ybp, with the arrival and subsequent heavy admixture between this resident group and Sanhaja and/or pre-Sanhaja Berbers and/or whatever other Maghrebi groups were responsible for the establishment and insemination of not only a fully pastoral cattle herding culture, but a camel herding one as well right around the turn of the 1st millennium AD, and was likely responsible in part for stimulating the rise of the Ghana and Senegambian-Niger river imperial states by the 4-5th century AD.
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