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Thread: Best DNA testing options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parastais View Post
    Ok, so putting aside Y and mtDNA (yet there must be some tests that do this? Right?) - then the question is - would 23andme “Ancestry” For 99 USD give me enough to convert my genes into something that I could further analyze vs ancient samples of Eurogenes Global 25, using nMonte, etc?
    There are some options for Y-DNA testing at a variety of pricing. FTDNA has a variety of tests from a la carte testing to SNP packs (I believe available for most clades) to the Big Y. does a la carte SNP tests plus what they call SNP Panels. Both of these tests use Sanger Sequencing (which has its limitations), but overall, the SNP panel test would roughly be somewhat equivalent to FTDNA's SNP pack tests. Full Genomes Corp. ( offers Sanger-sequencing individual SNP testing and a variety of Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome sequence tests.

    All of this testing would end up costing significantly more than the autosomal DNA tests offered by various companies. This is due to the nature of the tests. Autosomal DNA tests create a "chip" which detects a pre-determined number of SNPs (which may or may not include Y-DNA and/or mtDNA). The Y-DNA tests are all much more detailed than autosomal DNA testing.
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    TBH, if you end up sequencing Y/mtDNA anyway, then 23andMe's relevant features are meaningless (They do have the nicest phylogeny history overviews, although they've had some errors in those writeups too; I should not that people are never going to actually agree on historical features of course, too much pride and identity on the line). It essentially doesn't cost anything extra, of course. If you're asking for "cheapest option", sequencing is probably not in the cards.

    But if you already know you're going to get to the bottom of it with Y-lineage, just get a whole genome sequence (which includes Y and mtDNA) and have it analyzed by something like YFull, and cross Y/mtDNA off your requirements list. Otherwise, you can continue with panel/individual SNP tests on YSEQ from where 23andMe left to determine your position in the *known* branches (Essentially only sequencing can find new branches) and then test the terminal SNP on FTDNA to get into their database & projects.

    And there is some confusion that "23andMe Ancestry Service" and "AncestryDNA" (As well as "Ancestry by DNA") are all different services. 23andMe Ancestry Service includes autosomal, select Y-chromosomal and mtDNA variants, analysis and updates to interpretations as well as raw data which can be used with external services as long as they support Global Screening Array variant locations.

    According to "Please send your request, autosomal genotype data (from AncestryDNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage or 23andMe) and money (via PayPal)" so I'm going to take a wild guess that those are the compatible tests for #3.

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