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Thread: Confusing results. (Also why am I indian?)

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    Confusing results. (Also why am I indian?)

    Hi! I am new to anthropology, but after getting a DNA test I am very interested.

    About GedMatch and yourdnaportal's calculators(Eurogenes, Harappa, Dodecad etc. etc. )
    How ancient are they? Do they estimate my current ethnicity or what I've been up to the last 10,000 years split into large percentages?
    (as I know I am Norwegian and Scottish mainly, with one Slovene grandparent and supposed Swiss ancestry)

    The results I get on these calculators are honestly more interesting :p On myFTDNA I am only 12% East Europe, 2% Southeast Europe, <1% South Central Asia (means it might be noise, BUT every other calculator includes more of it) and the rest is Scandinavia (which halo where is my Scottish?)

    Then on GedMatch, yourDNAportal I am additionally South-Eastern Europe, Medeterrian, Caucasian, South Asian, Volga-Ural, Balt. Honestly ALL over the place except Switzerland ofc. (also it doesn't include wildly unlikely populations, and are pretty consistent so that's why I trust the results)
    On geneplazas K29 I am Most North Europe, then North Slav, 3.5 % Greek/Albanian and 1.5% Gujarati.

    However, the Oracles are sometimes spot on, while other times say I am closer to Eastern European nations & Hungarian than some Scandi or Brit. And population distances vary. On Gedrosia calc. I am 0.3 away from both Bulgarian and Norwegian so that sounds a bit wack.

    I also wonder why Harappa world would place 9% in Balochistan instead of together with the already high percentages it gave me from NE-Europe and Mediterranean?

    This is my EU test from yourDNAportal. (I read this was the best choice)
    Population Percentage
    South Baltic 17.67%
    East Euro 11.79%
    North-Central Euro 30.87%
    Atlantic 25.71%
    West Med 8.53%
    East Med 2.13%
    West Asian 1.80%
    Middle Eastern 0.00%
    South Asian 1.09%
    East African 0.41%

    Does having from 1 to 3% South Asian on all the calculators indicate Romani ancestry or is it too little?
    I read somewhere that from your fourth great-grandparent you can get between 0-50%? Sounds crazy, is it true?

    Is the South Baltic suspiciously high while SE-Europe too low(It is significantly higher on certain calculators but I'm unsure of the accuracies)? Not being Slovenian would be laughable

    Thank you if you read it all <3

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    Gedmatch is, as I understand, a mix of modern & ancient ancestry, more or less depending on the calculator, & with ancient being highly speculative. Take all those results with a grain of salt, & since you're largely Scandinavian & entirely (or almost entirely) European, you'll have the best results with Eurogenes calculators. Harappa & Dodecad are fun to play with but not intended for European backgrounds. Try Eurogenes k13 or v2 k15.

    The pie charts don't really offer much. Check the spreadsheet attached to compare your results to what specific populations get. Like what do Scandinavians (or the closest match) get for south Asia, compared to what you got. Also check the attached Oracle. This will show which reference populations you matched most closely with based on 1 population source & 2 pop sources, & Oracle 4 will show the same for 1, 2, 3, & 4 sources. All this information together along with your ftdna results & what you already know about your ancestry should give you some insight.

    As for romani ancestry, it's highly unlikely. Most European backgrounds get some south Asian hits. I actually have a romani grandma & match with a lot of romani relatives & wouldn't say I necessarily inherited that DNA beyond the Balkans (my s. Asian gedmatch results for Eurogenes average 2-3%, for reference). It's not impossible, but unless you know family who is with all certainty Roma, then it's probably not there.

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    Y-DNA (P)
    Possibly R1b
    mtDNA (M)

    England North of England Ireland Scotland Germany Romani Star of David
    All areas you say you descend from have a Romani history, but it is not uncommon for people who are otherwise fully European to score small amounts of South Asian derived from ancient Steppe ancestry.

    As far as the possibility of Romani ancestry goes, look in your family tree for any Romani surnames- Boswell and Lovell are to the British Romanichal what Cohen and Levy are to the Jews. In other words, ubiquitous. Lee is also a common Romani surname, but it is also common amongst the gorgers (non-gypsies). If you don't have much on your family tree, look for Romani surnames amongst your GEDmatch matches. The presence of several of these (as well as regular South Asian matches) would strongly indicate a Romani source for your South Asian.

    The average Harappaworld Baloch score for a British person is 11.04 percent- again, that's likely a remnant of Steppe ancestry. This goes up to 12.06% amongst the Orcadians. For a Slovenian, the average Baloch is 14.66 percent. So your Baloch score is pretty low for someone of your background- unless of course I'm misinterpreting and you're referring to your oracle results (eg. 91% X + 9% Y). The Caucasian score is probably a bigger indicator of any Romani ancestry than Baloch- the average Brit scores 3.51% Caucasian whereas I (~1/16 Romanichal) score 8.39% Caucasian.

    Good luck on your search.
    Target: mildlycurly_scaled
    Distance: 1.3578% / 0.01357814
    57.0 Irish
    37.6 English
    2.6 Roma_Barcelona
    1.8 Ashkenazi_Germany
    1.0 Roma_Granada

    Current research interest(s): The Viscontis of Milan

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