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Thread: FTDNA's consent form now includes "health"

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    FTDNA's consent form now includes "health"

    Recently, an FTDNA testee (a relative of mine, whose Big Y-700 upgrade I am paying for) called to point out that FTDNA's routine consent form--required for testing--includes two mentions of "health".

    By signing this consent form, you consent to FamilyTreeDNA's processing of your DNA data and other sensitive information (such as your ethnicity, national origin, and health history) to:
    [bullet items]
    - Help create new product features and services, including products related to wellness and health.

    The testee objected to these references as intrusive and totally unnecessary and unrelated to the test we are ordering. I advised him to cross out such references before signing the form and returning his samples.

    The single most alarming provision is the reference to "health history". Needless to say, a customer ordering a Y-DNA test does not want FTDNA probing his health history! Even someone who orders Family Finder is looking for genealogical connections, not a health insurance investigation.

    Am I overreacting when I say that I cannot recommend FTDNA to potential customers as long as this bizarre mention of "health history" remains in the default/routine consent form?

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    FTDNA may have been forced to, because mt-DNA and Family Finder tests have alleged health information contained within them. FTDNA doesn't display them publicly, but the customer can send their data to some organizations to have them analyzed for health information. This is really a question for the lawyers.

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