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Thread: Dog DNA Testing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afshar View Post
    What I wonder with these companies is do they use pure races as a reference and how do they know for sur that the reference dog is pure. Probably also a lot of overlap.
    From Embark's website.
    After we have recruited enough registered dogs to determine a unique genetic profile for the breed and to reliably detect purebred and mixed breed dogs with that breed, we will add that breed to our breed list. We will re-analyze all the provisional results to ensure they are, in fact, correct and update the genetic profiles accordingly with this new information.
    Maternal Grandfather's Y Line: J-ZS1711
    Maternal Grandfather's mtDNA: K2b1
    Paternal Grandmother’s mtDNA: U5a1

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    It’s unlikely that the results of a DNA test will change how you feel about your beloved pooch but if you have any health concerns about your dog then it’s a good way to help you put your mind at ease.
    It's more direct to look for the health conditions themselves, if the genes will provide the information.
    If not, then estimating the breed by DNA to estimate the health conditions would be the next best thing.

    Just like with humans.

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    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

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    My brother did a DNA test with Wisdom on his dog to identify the breed. The mother is a Tibetan Terrier but the father is unknown but possibly some mixed breed as well. The results didn't mention Tibetan Terrier at all but instead was put down as mainly a Bichon Frise and Sheepdog as far as I remember so it wasn't for accurate for his dog.
    Ancestry: Ireland (Paper trail ≅ 81.25% Roscommon, 12.5% Galway, 6.25% Mayo)
    Y-DNA (P) ancestor (Y): Kelly b. c1830 in Co. Roscommon (Uí Maine)
    mtDNA (P) ancestor: Fleming b. c1831 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA (M) ancestor: McDermott b. c1814 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA Great grandfather: Connella b. c1798 in Co. Roscommon (T2a1a8)
    Y-DNA 2x great grandfather: Higgins b. c1816 in Co. Roscommon (R-DF109)
    Y-DNA 3x great grandfather: Fleming b. c1829 in Co. Roscommon (R-Z23534)

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