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Thread: Coat of arms of the Angevin dynasty

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    Coat of arms of the Angevin dynasty

    Are those all bird symbols?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johen View Post
    Are those all bird symbols?
    Here's a good summary of the fleur de lys in heraldry:
    Living DNA's former Cautious mode:
    Wales-related ancestry: 86.8%
    Cornwall: 8%
    North England-related ancestry: 5.2%
    Y line: Peak District, England. Closest matches: Sweden; TMRCA 1,300 ybp (YFull);
    mtDNA: traces to Glamorgan, Wales
    Mother's Y: traces to Llanvair Discoed, Wales

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    I’ve seen several writers on heraldry say that once the fleur-de-lys was adopted by the French Royal House, whichever Louis was the current king would grant the right to nobles/knights to display it in their own arms to commemorate having participated in one of the Crusades along with the king. I don’t know if that particular comment is true or not but certainly the use of the fleur-de-lys did expand among the French non-royal houses after it became a royal symbol, whether by sycophants or royal grant.

    The link to theheraldrysociety’s page is a good explanation although I would hesitate to draw much conclusion about the form of the fleur-de-lys symbol linking to a particular century. The “official” form of a armorial bearing (coat of arms) was always the form in words (the “argent a bend gules with three mollets of the field” stuff) and the pictures were just the artist’s representation of that at whatever timeperiod the picture was made. As long as the fleur-de-lys was recognizable the exact details of its form as a picture would have been left up to the artist.

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