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    Sponsor Us - gold membership

    Just want to say it's heartening to see how many of us seem to have gone for this since you made it more prominent. I spend so much of my web time on this site (probably 90 percent) that I wanted to help out, and imagine others feel the same. I don't watch all threads and don't have the full picture so wondered whether you have any feedback on sponsoring uptake in recent months. I hope it's as positive as it appears to me.
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    Speaking on behalf of our team, I'd like to express our continued gratitude to those in our community who have (or had) contributed financially to the site's maintenance.

    Currently, just under sixty (thank you all!) of our 1.7k active users are in a subscription class, the majority of whom appear to be voluntarily repeating their subscriptions. Generally speaking, our extra donations have also largely come from the subscription class members. The number of sponsors hasn't grown much since 2018, although our community continues to do so.

    As a result of those generous contributions (and the tight ship we keep server cost-wise), the site usually maintains a buffer of about several months. The overwhelming majority of the non-server costs have gone to beneath-the-bonnet technical changes.

    In the next few weeks and months, we are planning to make some enhancements to the site's appearance and the user interface. Additionally, we'll be upgrading our subscription class structure (will be offering current classes with more perks at no extra cost, alongside several new classes). In view of that, we would certainly benefit from receiving further financial support in advance.

    I'd be remiss to not state this whenever the site's finances are involved, but as a general reminder to our members, this site is a non-profit, community-funded, independent discussion forum that's run on a voluntary (unpaid) basis. None of us derive a cent or penny from overseeing this community, and we're transparent about where your money goes (please see here).

    We are only online right now thanks to the kindness of our subscription class and donating members. So, if you derive value from Anthrogenica, have the financial expenditure and are interested in keeping our venue alive, we could certainly do with your support.
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    From the headline I thought it was possible to purchase Gold membership for other members that you thought were useful and thought that might be cool. I haven't thought out all the ramifications or whether it's possible with the software but that might be another way to increase gold membership.
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