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Thread: My Heritage results... how interpretate it?

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    My Heritage results... how interpretate it?

    Hi! I did my first autosomal test befor read about their problems of interpretation. Then I upload the raw data on other sites, and I detect the most important inconsistences:

    * it dont read well and mix the iberian with the amerindian porcentages (almost closed 31% in ftdna,, gedmatch vs 47% in MH).

    *In MH appears 8,8% north african amd nigerian. In the ftdna interpretation, 0% african and 7% egyptian/arab, and in dna land appears east african.

    * In MH appears an 11% scandinavian, but dont appear in any other interpretation.

    * In MH appears 0% azkenazi, but in it pops.

    Someone have an interpretation about this results?



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