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Thread: The connection between the Slavs and Philistines

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    The connection between the Slavs and Philistines

    It has come to my attention that there might be some distant genetic and linguistic links between Philistines and Slavic people. At least one paper purports linguistic affinity. There’s also indication of Steppe like genes from the BA Philistune samples. Yet it seems unlikely for a direct migration from Central Europe to the Levant, and rather a slower movement of Steppe related people into the Aegean, Anatolia and Levant. Take for example the Luwians, a people of ancient western and southeast Anatolia. It could be a cognate to Hebraic Lewi (Levite, people who ‘join’) and Proto-Greek *Lawos (people, in close military formation). And connect that to the Suebi and Slovoni (people, who speak the same language). This could originate from a PIE root *(s)lawo- with the original meaning of a tribe. Do we have good samples from the West Adriatic BBs?
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