Hello, I'm a newbie to DNA/genealogy/heritage understanding: I thought I was 75% Italian and 25% Irish as my Mom's side is Italian grandmother/grandfather and Dad's side is Italian grandfather, Irish grandmother. I did AncestryDNA and discovered more than I expected; as a result did GedMatch, promethease, and other low price and/or free options to obtain more information to dissect. Within a month of research and paper receipts of results I am not entirely sure, but I think I'm definitely more than the original 2 ethnicities. I know I have Sicilian, Italian South and North (some Central), English, Irish, and Scottish. I think Welsh and Orcadian as well...

Unexpected categories I noticed were eastern (Slavic, Baltic?) countries, Caucasus, West Asia, and a plot map I did showed certain North Sea and Atlantic countries along with parts of South, Central, possibly Caribbean island America (Native?), and 3 African countries bordering Spain/Portugal (Sicilian or Italian related?). I know certain countries may apply to United Kingdom, like how Spain and Greece may apply to Italy. Or I may be 3 or more ancestral origins.. My question is what ethnicities am I with my results (link provides oracles, chromosomes, Eurogenes, Ancestry results in depth, DNALand, the plot map, and a coordinate map I guessed on), and am I a 10%, 20%, 25%, etc. of which ethnicities. Apologies for the vomit of information, I'll be extremely grateful for any answers, insight, knowledge, free web sites to try, resources, etc. By the way I’m not sure how to determine haplogroups (how many a person has, what they mean to heritage, how to find out what mine are) and would deeply appreciate websites, information, etc.

Instructions: press the link then scroll down on homepage for pngs to show, press and zoom in, scroll left and right for a collection of information I screenshot on myself. https://myautosomaldnaresultsforanth...eag.weebly.com .

- Emily.