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Thread: Norse colonization of North America and I1-M253

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    I highly doubt the Aboriginal people of Alaska, Yukon, NWT and so on are descended from Norse settlers from Vinland.
    Naturally, it is highly unlikely.
    These samples on YFull contain self-reported ancestral information.
    Any ancestral information on Yfull, FTDNA, scientific papers and anywhere else is a personal declaration of the individual, am I right? There is no other reliable ways except DNA tests.
    We do not know the genealogy of these individuals and it is much more likely these YFull individuals are of British or some other Colonial era European descent.
    It is just personal opinion in the absence of other additional information. Based on the available data, one can generate several different ideas.
    Sample bias and lack of testing.
    Yes. But we talking about well-explored I1 with general TMRCA 4.6 kya only. Ofcourse, there are some chance to detect in Britain/Scandinavia new I1 subclades older than 1000 years. But the same probability that I-Y15031 and I-BY1089 remained only in USA today.
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