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Thread: Do Mandaens descend from Jews?

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    Do Mandaens descend from Jews?

    Some results I could find:

    His results:

    1. West Asian 47.9%
    2. Mizrahi Jewish - (Iranian/Iraqi) 25.9%
    3. Middle Eastern 23.4%
    4. Ashkenazi Jewish 2.8%
    Here is another:

    She gets 6.1% Ashkenazi.

    Granted, both results are from MyHeritage, which isn't the most accurate company. I've seen other MENAs get heavy Jewish results on it. However, for those around the Med Sea, they normally show up as Sephardic with a bit of Ashkenazi, and for those deeper into West Asia, they get more Mizrachi, all for the intuitive reasons. Meanwhile, these Mandaens both scored Ashkenazi, while being deep in West Asia. This is more rare.

    Here is an interesting paper: (Some might argue bias because it's from BYU, but I don't recall Mandaens playing a role in the Mormon religious narrative)

    Here is a tree diagram I found (wish I had more context for it):

    Some time ago, I found a study which showed that Mandaens are a bit more Levantine than Assyrians, but I can't find it right now.

    And while we don't do phenotypes - if the dude on the right doesn't look Jewish, then I don't know who does. He has it down to the "yup, another pogrom is coming" facial expression.

    Also, my sister shares 2 tiny segments with one Mandaen.

    On a related note, some Syrian Christian/Assyrian families have traditions of descending from the first Christians (Jews).
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