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Thread: Why did Germanic peoples want to move en mass to a collapsing hinterland aka Britain?

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    I've just read something on this that stresses the value of still turning to the great scholars of yesteryear, including at the top of the list Leeds and Myres, on this whole subject. Chadwick in 1906 exhaustively examined all the textual, linguistic and archaeological evidence for the early Anglo-Saxon period in his The Origin of the English Nation. You can find it free online. He talks about striking similarities between English and Frisian and about Kentish being the most similar tongue to Frisian in the old texts, but points out that some common sound changes appear to have taken place "about four hundred years after the invasion". He adds: "If they [some common shifts in the two languages/dialects] must be connected, it would seem more probable to attribute the fact to intercourse between Kent and the Netherlands at a later period." So that's just what Hines is stating for the recent consensus. Although these old-time scholars lacked the most recent archaeological finds, I've lost count of the number of times I've been struck by their insights, especially compared with our own "dark age" of 1960s to '90s "experts", which fortunately appears to have largely died a well-deserved death.
    Well there are theories that if you learn Old English you can understand current Frisian language.

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    Well there are theories that if you learn Old English you can understand current Frisian language.

    Yes, I've seen that enjoyable video before and no one has ever disputed the obvious similarities. The argument here lies in who exactly influenced whom in some of the details.
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