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Thread: Antiochian Greek Christians of Hatay region (Turkey) and Northern Syria

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    Antiochian Greek Christians of Hatay region (Turkey) and Northern Syria


    I would be interested in seeing the results of people adherents of the Church of Antioch (Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch, Melkite Greek Catholic Church) and living in (or near) the region of Hatay in Turkey (in cities such as Iskenderun/Alexandretta, Antakya/Antioch, Samandağ/Saint Symeon, Altınözü, Mersin, Adana, etc.)
    Or living in Northern Syria (Latakia, Hama, Azaz, Aleppo, Idlib, etc.)

    If you see this post only very later, please reply with the results anyway.

    I thank you in advance for your contribution.

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