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    Lightbulb Picking projects

    You know how some people put the Y-DNA of their other relatives in their signature? I have too many to fit! I use Ancestry data and FTDNA projects to get STRs and SNPs for every surname in my family tree, and the results are not too shabby! I call the method, "picking projects."

    Here's a link to a copy of my spreadsheet:

    The notes on the headers explain what each column means. Changed some of the more revealing stuff but everything important is here.

    Here to answer any questions. If you have similar research, post it in here! Open to new approaches and formats!
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    Most of my family is from Tennessee, though a few of my ancestors are from adjacent areas of North Carolina and Georgia. My paternal line is positive for Z30682, underneath J-Z7671 and Y11200.

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