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Thread: Another K1a2 from the Alpine zone

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    Another K1a2 from the Alpine zone

    KC286592(Austria) Kloss-Brandstaetter Haplogroup K1a2 31-DEC-2013
    A73G T152C A263G 315.1C C497T A750G T1189C A1438G A1811G A2706G A3480G A4769G A5480G T6425C C7028T A8860G G9055A A9524G T9698C A10398G A10550G T11025C T11299C A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A C14167T C14766T T14798C A15326G T16126C T16209C T16224C T16311C T16519C

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    Italian Alpine
    Australian and Italian
    Y-DNA (P)
    T1a2 - SK1480
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Australia Italy Veneto Friuli Italy Trentino Alto Adige Italy Ladinia Republic of Venice
    Maybe you need to investigate last years papers on the north-east alps where
    Sappada is clearly an Neolithic time-capsule with people tested showing 44% of K1a2 and 5% of N1. ( mtdna)

    My Path = ( K-M9+, LT-P326+, T-M184+, L490+, M70+, PF5664+, L131+, L446+, CTS933+, CTS3767+, CTS8862+, Z19945+, BY143483+ )

    Grandfather via paternal grandmother = I1-CTS6397 yDna
    Great grandmother paternal side = T1a1e mtDna
    Son's mtDna = K1a4p

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    "K1a2, dating to ~17 ka, may have a similar history again. It is predominantly European but with a single Armenian lineage at its root, possibly indicating a Near Eastern source and an early Late Glacial dispersal into Europe: K1a2a and K1a2b are both wholly European and date to the Neolithic and Late Glacial respectively. There is also a derived Anatolian lineage within the minor K1a2d, suggesting back-migration from Europe" (Costa et al., 2013, Supplements, p. 30).

    @ Diana
    Of course Costa et al. didn't know your sample, thus what I have said on eng.molgen maintains all its meaning.

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    Washington state
    European blend
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1a1a1a1 L664/YP5623
    mtDNA (M)

    United States of America European Union Norway United Kingdom Germany Imperial
    If I recall from David Anthony's book (Wheel, Horse. ...), Armenians as Indo-Europeans, entered Anatolia via the Balkans. And before that, they would've come from the Pontic Steppes.

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