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Currently, haplogroup L2> BY3485> BY14171> BY31164 is divided into two branches. The first cluster (BY3478) is Central European, mainly Italian-Swiss. The second cluster (FGC63181) is located in Lebanon (Currently 8 people). I try to elucidate where and at what time the children of BY31164 were able to separate. The Lebanon cluster is made up of people from the Druze religion and they are very old. Druze faith is a closed religion, i.e. no new adherents were allowed to the faith after 1043 CE. Ashrafani (a 17th century Druze religious scholar & chronicler) mentioned the ancestors of the Bargashe family as being amongst the leaders of the Druze faith in Wadi Taym area in the early 11th c. CE (i.e before the Crusades). On another note, I have siginficant R1a & R1b samples as well as few R2a samples in the Druze project. Most of the other Druze R1b samples belong to subclades under Z2103, PF7562 & V1636.

At what point in history could BY31164 reach Lebanon? In Roman times? With the arrival of the Hittites? Can it be a good clue that among the Druze there is also Z2103, PF7562 & V1636? (Login required to view all members)

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