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Thread: Correlation ?

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    Correlation ?

    Can there be such a thing as a correlation between autosomal calculator tests , as there is between different IQ tests ?
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    Short answer: It's complicated, but for practical purposes and given our current environment, it's a mixed-to-yes.

    Long answer: Correlation is a statistical principle that quantifies the relationship between two (or more) sets of data. Different types of data can be assessed for correlation through different statistical tests.

    You've brought up ADMIXTURE calculators as an example. Different ADMIXTURE calculators produce different results depending on their supervisor status, the number of ancestral components pre-configured by the author and the number of populations involved.

    Having said that, the most popular ADMIXTURE calculators generally range from K8-13 and cover all of the world, reference pop-wise. As such, if we assessed all the reference pops involved, it stands to reason that the Dodecad K12b "North European" component is going to display at least a medium positive correlation statistically with the HarappaWorld "European" component.

    That correlation likely won't exist with the same strength if we compared the same K12b component with one of the higher K Eurogenes ones (e.g. EUtest). Finally, you can produce different correlation stats if you focused on different populations. For instance, using the same example, the Dodecad K12b "North European" component would probably have a strong positive correlation with the "North Sea" component in the Eurogenes calculator that broke up North European diversity (K15?) when we assess West and South Asians, but the strength of that correlation would certainly dampen if you assessed it in East Europeans (though it'd obviously be positive).

    Hope that helps.

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