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Thread: Top surnames?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msmarjoribanks View Post
    What are the total numbers?

    Smith I suspect is going to be top 3 for a huge percentage, as it's the most common name in English-speaking countries and the German equivalent is extremely common in German-speaking countries. And for the same reasons many people are likely to have that name in their trees (I do), but most Smith matches won't necessarily match on their Smith line.

    Your other two are not nearly that common (Thompson is somewhat common, being 19th in the US), vs those of us getting names in the top 5 or 6, so could well be related to your actual relatives, especially if you don't have the number of matches that US people normally get (mine aren't that high for a US person, just look at rms's numbers in this thread).

    On the other hand, apparently Thompson is not in the top 20 for Northern Ireland, but Smith is 5th and McLaughlin is 3rd.
    Smith - 8, McLaughlin - 7 and Thompson - 6.

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    29 Smith, 16 Williams, 14 Jones

    I don't have any of these names in my direct family tree, probably through related branches.

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